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Where Quality is Bred

At Cranview Gelbveigh, our search for superior genetics is an endless journey. We breed cattle to be industry relevant today and in the future. Economic traits are the driving force behind our decisions, but eye appeal and structure are attributes that we do not overlook. We are committed to producing cattle that keeps our customers profitable in even the toughest years.

Save the date

Genetic Progress Sale

March 23, 2024 at the Rugby Livestock Auction,
2818 Hwy 2 West, Rugby, ND - 1 p.m. 

We offer calves that come from natural service sires, artificial insemination or embryo transplant matings. We stand behind every sale and guarantee our animals through their first breeding season. 

Herd Sires

Since day one, our emphasis has been on performance. Cranview Gelbvieh herd sires will express performance, stand on a strong leg and pass on economically good traits.


Our donor dams are the heart and soul of our business. Most current donor dams have been raised in our system, and we also purchase donor dams to complement our program.