Donor Dams

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CRAN B482 – CTR Sandhills 0065X

  • Daughter out of CRAN Z256 ET (TC Total 410)
  • Stood 2nd in class in 2017 at NWSS

CRAN C557 ET – CTR Sandhills 0065X

  • Daughter out of DCH Zula Z133
  • Stood first in class

PLA 402B – S A V Pioneer 7301

  • Out of 2417J ET

CRAN Z251 ET "Buttercup"

  • Sold for $22000 in the 2014 National Gelbvieh Sale. Owned with Eagle Pass Ranch, Beastrom Gelbvieh & Jumping Cow Gelbvieh.


  • First in Class in 2013 & 2014

CRAN A313 ET "Miss Perfect"

  • BEA Passion x BSF Princess W2
  • 3rd uin Class at 2014 NWSS

BSF Princess EL CAP W2

  • Reg #: AAA16497760

EGL T003 ET "Tiara"

  • Reg. #: AMGV1036592
  • XXB Titus 880K x EGL Farah ET
  • Purchased from Eagle Pass Ranch in the 2009 National Gelbvieh Sale for $16000




CRAN Y157 ET Tiaramasu

  • 2nd in Class at the 2012 NWSS
  • 2nd in Class at the 2013 NWSS
  • TC Total 410 x EGL Tiara T003 ET




CRAN S493 ET Butterscotch

  • Showed 1st in Class at the 2007 NWSS
  • Won the ND State Fair in 2007
  • Showed 2nd in Class to the National
  • Champion Heifer at the 2008 NWSS
  • Won the KMOT AG Expo in 2008



CRAN X061 ET Vanessa
Balancer heifer



EGL T003 Tiarra
2nd in class at the 2009 NWSS



JCB 886H
registration #668306




registration #909352



registration #908189



registration #950806

She is the dam of CRAN Buddy Boy T729






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