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The Cranview Gelbvieh Philosophy
Cranview Gelbvieh started in 1992 with our first registered Gelbvieh cattle. Like most Gelbvieh producers, the performance of the Gelbviehs is what led us to the breed. Today, we maintain a 160 head herd of mostly purebred cattle. These 160 females, which are all polled red & black females, are used to produce both Purebred and Balancer Genetics.

As we continue to develop our Gelbvieh cattle, we strive to build cattle with eye appeal and with economic traits (Feed Efficiency, calving ease, performance, sound feet, polled genetics) important to the commercial cattleman.

We strive to have cattle that excel in structural correctness, performance, fertility and maternal traits. Maternal traits are going to vary depending on geographics, but, it is important to us in maintaining a balance as this is what Gelbvieh cattle are well known for.

We believe Feed Efficiency is a trait that will separate the most productive ranchers from the norm. In analyzing the data, there is too much to gain or lose when evaluating this trait. Therefore, we are taking several steps to evaluate and incorporate the most efficient blood lines into our program.

Our program includes AI, embryo transplant, and natural service to build on these important traits. Our ET program includes donors in our own herd as well as well-known matriarch donors from other
Gelbvieh producers. Most of our replacement
females originate from our AI and ET programs.


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